CIA Network: Where Readers and Writers Connect

The Christian Indie Authors Network (CIAN) is a great place for both Christian indie authors and readers to network and share information.  I just found this group and have been amazed by how much it has to offer, and how active it is.  There is an incredibly diverse array of genres represented, and I’m already making new connections with interesting people.

There are subgroups for readers, writers, editors, and more. Peruse the CIA Authors Book Store, enjoy Free Fridays, Webinars, contests and CIAN Academy which is coming soon. There seems to be something for everyone. I wish I had found it sooner!

CIAN Reader GroupHere are a few questions from an interview with two of the site’s administrators.  They make no money from this site.  It is a ministry to help spread the gospel and help those trying to spread God’s word.   Click here to read the full interview.

Hi Samantha, thanks for joining us. Are you and Pastor McVey the administrators for Christian Indie Authors Readers Group?  If not, what role does each of you play?
We are two of the seven administrators that keep the Christian Indie Authors Network afloat. I started the CIA groups in 2010 and one small forum turned into two websites and over 20 Facebook groups.

(Pastor George) PG was one of our first members and has always operated as a spiritual director and firm supporter of the Christian Indie publishing platform. Like most passionate people, he kept offering to help Sam out with the constantly growing Network. He likes to tell people he is the guy who does what needs doing. IF you thank him you’re likely to get his typical response “That’s what I do here.”

What is your goal for the group?
Our goal is to gain more readers every week and we are hitting that goal. Our second goal is to help people see through fiction that God loves them, that yes, being a Christian is hard but that we can do all things through Christ if we just trust him and read his word.  Some people will never read a Bible or go to church but they will read fiction and that is where we can reach a multitude of souls.

Why would you advise an author or reader to belong to the group?
For authors, it’s a great place to share your work. We have some of the best Christian Authors in the business. Our group is unique because we cater to the reader. We don’t allow discussions on the group wall unless it’s something that would interest a reader. We don’t focus on Author related issues.  For readers, we are very grateful to our readers and we often award prizes, and free books. We have Reader of the month, and also we have moments that we shine the light on our authors, by awarding them cover of the month author, etc.


What do you love about having the group?
I love that it’s a way for us to meet people that we would have never known. It’s a way to connect up front and personal with readers. They get to ask us questions and now and then they get some free reads too. The best thing is that we are sharing God’s word to a dying a lost world. True most of our readers are Christians but they feel lost at times, and I just hope that reading one of our good clean novels will uplift them in some way.

Ready to join or just want to know more?  

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