Is Star Wars Written for the Fans?

Andrea Lundgren

Sky courtesy of GratisographyWith the release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens,  I heard a most unusual complaint: that it was written too much for the fans.

Many who saw it thought it was a great movie, but there were some who felt it was too nostalgic. With so many nods to the original trilogy, they felt it became hard to truly enjoy the new movie, and they wished it’d broken into new ground rather than working so hard to convince viewers that this time, they wouldn’t be disappointed; everything they’d loved about the original trilogy was coming back.

But if the new movie was written with the fans in mind, it’s the first time in Star Wars movie history that it’s ever happened.

In an interview done in 2004, just before Episode III came out, George Lucas basically told us all that Star Wars was written for him, and…

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