Love All Things Fantasy?

newsletter headerMy quarterly newsletter is getting a major face lift.  I have joined forces with two other fantasy authors, Renee Scattergood and Joshua Robertson, to bring you the Weekly Fantasy Fix.

Renee writes the Shadow Stalker series and is always out there helping others in the indie author community.  Joshua writes dark fantasy books, including the Thrice Nine Legends and Hawkhurst sagas.  He also runs Crimson Edge Press, an independent publishing company.

Each week we will bring a variety of fantasy-related features, including spotlights on other authors, updates on our current works in progress and upcoming events, special insights into our writings, links to informative articles, tips, publication updates, and of course, freebies and discounts.

Between the three of us, we will offer a wide range of information from week to week.  Our first introductory newsletter went out on February 12th–you may have seen it arrive in your inbox. Joshua Robertson will put together next week’s edition, I will put together the February 24th edition, Renee the March 2nd edition, and so on.  Hopefully you will enjoy this change and continue to subscribe.

Not yet on the mailing list?  Subscribe to the Weekly Fantasy Fix today.  When you do, you’ll receive 3 free fantasy stories as a thank you.



One thought on “Love All Things Fantasy?

  1. CrimsonEdge says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Crimson Edge has joined forces with Allison D. Reid and Renee Scattergood to bring you more of what you love! Subscribe to our newsletter and receive 3 free fantasy stories!


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