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Great Writers – A Deeper Look

There is a certain formula to writing a book—anyone can do it, right?  Start with a solid plot, mix in a tortured hero, a few despicable villains, a side kick or two for comic relief, and don’t forget the expendable “red shirts” for when you need to knock someone off. The technical aspects have to be there too, of course.  Some basic command of grammar, punctuation, and spelling are necessary so that you don’t drive your editor to drink.  It all sounds pretty simple.  Follow the formula, and out comes a marketable product.

There are plenty of writers who make a decent living that way, churning out hundreds of books that are entertaining, if relatively predictable.  But what about the truly great writers?  They don’t have to be famous, either.  I’m talking about the ones whose books haunt your memory for years after you’ve closed the back cover and moved on.  What makes their work so unique, and impossible to replicate?

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