Well, that’s it. My satchel is packed with all of my worldly possessions, which don’t amount to much, I’m afraid. A book of prayers, a medallion with the symbol of my order stamped upon it, a blank scroll, quill, and ink. I gave the last of my coins for a new robe, which should keep me warm and dry for my journey. There are other monks and priests who think that poverty vows are antiquated and unnecessary. But I have always taken mine seriously…along with a good many other things. Like Aviad, and the Tomes of Wisdom, and the writings of the Prophets. I suppose that is why I’m in such trouble now—why I’m being forced out of the Temple.

I am in good company though. My mentor, and a small group of others, have also been asked…no, forced…to disappear. They say our beliefs are dangerous. But we say to not believe in Aviad’s word is more dangerous yet. The old prophecies are coming true before right our eyes, only the leadership has been blinded by its own desires. It either cannot see, or does not want to. So we are set to leave ere the sun rises. But I do not go with any bitterness, or fear. This will be my first adventure into the very real world beyond these cloistered halls, and with Aviad as my guide, I am ready for it.

My only regret is that I must leave my students behind. I can only wonder at what they will be taught in our absence. Two in particular I am sad to part ways with; common girls named Morganne and Elowyn. Their mother wanted them taught to read and write—a service I was only too happy to provide. I found Morganne in particular to be a ready pupil, not only of her letters, but of the deeper lessons found within the Tomes. The Spirit is strong within her, and I sense that she is meant for more than a common life. Aviad placed it on my heart to give her the primer I received as a boy entering the Temple. I can only hope that it will continue to teach her in my stead, and that in these dark days, she and Elowyn will find peace within its worn pages.

I can hear my companions coming down the hall, which means it is finally time to leave. We shall make our way west, to join an order of like mind and purpose. Perhaps there we can yet do some good and learn more about these changes that are happening in the world. Whether Morganne, Elowyn and I cross paths again or not, we make the same journey of faith, in this life and to the one beyond.

Humble Servant of the Order of Aviad

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