Guest Post: Julia Allen on Writing Fight Scenes

Great article today from David Wiley’s blog. All you writers, take notes! I have a big fight scene coming up in my novella, so the advice is timely.

Author David Wiley

How to Write a Fight Scene

Fight scenes are an exciting part of our stories but can be a little intimidating to write. So let’s look at some tips for writing fight scenes that rock.

First of all, you want your fight scenes to match the voice and writing style of the rest of your story. If the rest of your style is written with lyrical prose for instance, you don’t want a jarringly concise fight scene. Keep in mind, however, that using short, punchy sentences keeps pacing fast and keeps those pages turning. Keep track of the players and where they are throughout the fight. Help your readers follow along with the attacks and blocks characters use. Also keep in mind that each character will fight differently. Stay true to your character and their personality and training. And fight scenes are no place for long, drawn-out dialogue. There’s not…

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