Join the Easter Egg Hunt!

This week’s Fantasy Fix is a special Easter edition, and we’ve put together a fun Easter egg hunt with prize goodies at the end. Even if you don’t want to join the hunt, check out this week’s newsletter.  I’ve written an Easter-themed article and added something about medieval Easter eggs. There are freebies from the other authors as well.  Here are the contest details…

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter EggOn each of our blogs there are three Easter eggs hidden in the posts (nine in total). Read the clues found here, and see if you can find the Easter eggs. You’ll get one entry into the giveaway for each one you find.

We will be choosing four winners who will win one of four prizes:

  • $15 Amazon Gift Card
  • An autographed copy of Ancient Voices: Into the Depths
  • Set of three Thrice Nine Legends ebooks
  • Demon Hunt (ebook)

Have fun hunting…and good luck!


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