Indie Author Spotlight: Elin V. Pettersson

Author David Wiley

Welcome to the first Indie Author Spotlight, which will occur on the first Thursday of every month. As I wrote in my newsletter for March, these authors are my support circle, not my competition. Read on to learn a little more about an indie author, what she writes, and be sure to snag a copy of her book, Tales from Haran – and leave a review for her!

Welcome! Please tell us your name and a little bit about yourself.

Hi! My name is Elin Pettersson, I’m a fantasy artist and a writer. I’ve been self employed as a freelance illustrator since 2011, writing was also included in my business plan, but I didn’t focus on just one story until very recently. (Thus I have accumulated a big pile of unfinished books…)

I grew up in northern Sweden, in a tiny village called Brattfors. I like to say it was…

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