Keep on: The Art of Not Quitting #atozchallenge, #quotes

Such a timely post as I (and other fellow writers) are pushing ourselves through Camp NaNoWriMo this month. It has been both fun, and frustrating at times. But never giving up–pushing ourselves to ever higher standards, is what makes our imaginative scribblings worth reading, and worth writing.

Andrea Lundgren

Shadow by MMAARRSS

As we’ve discussed throughout this A to Z series, writing is hard work. You can’t complete a story of any great length in one burst of creativity…and this can lead to discouragement and disillusionment, as the luster of our imaginative worlds wears off. (At least for us; we’ve been there so much, written so much, and rewritten so much that it starts to lose its glamor.)

And this is when the “keeping on” has to kick in. We have to find ways to stay committed, to keep putting in our time and efforts even when writing feels like an endless staircase, falling away at our feet. If we try to rush through it, we’ll fall to the bottom, with more bruises than victories. But if we don’t keep descending, we’ll never reach the bottom. The basement (or dungeon) of our heart awaits–the deepest, most meaningful part of who we are…

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