Forgotten Truths about Corsets

Andrea Lundgren


Recently, I took the plunge and bought a corset: a real, spiral steel boned corset, just like the Victorians wore, having been inspired by the fascinating journey in corsetry by Sarah Chrisman of This Victorian Life.

And, for those who are curious, I was not raised in a conservative culture where skirts and dresses were the only option for women’s apparel. Like Sarah, I graduated from college, have worn jeans throughout my life, and have traveled across the country (though she has me beat in the number of places she’s visited).

And, having worn the corset off and on for over a month, I’ve learned quite a few things about what it’s like to “really” wear one of these things.

  • It can be comfortable. I’ve heard all the tales about not being able to breathe, about fainting and longing to take the thing off (a lie that continually gets…

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