World-Building Wonders – Mystics as Conduits of God’s Power

Welcome to another installment of World-Building Wonders! Find an escape into an author’s awesome world — and worldview! Today’s featured author is Laurie Lucking.

When I began the first draft of my current work-in-progress, I encountered a problem. I had a strong sense that I wanted to include Christian themes in my story, but the plot I had outlined also involved the scheming of a dark sorcerer. As a Christian, I didn’t feel comfortable having any of the “good guys” in my book practicing magic, at least the way we define it in our world, but how else could the sorcerer be defeated?

I started thinking about different ways in which God might exert His influence in such a situation. Throughout history, God has worked through so many individuals and groups to accomplish feats far beyond what humans acting on their own would be capable of. How better…

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