Fantasy Art Wednesday

Welcome to another Fantasy Art Wednesday!

I don’t know the artist, but this gorgeous fantasy place has such a dream-like quality, it lured me right in.  Green and cool, I can hear the gentle rush of the water, and smell the musk of wet earth and stone. There is something mystical about it, something sacred. Perhaps it is even protected by those floating orbs that look like wisps to me. If this was in my book world, it would be one of the ancient shrines…maybe even the very one that the legendary Varol built with his bare hands, flowing with blessed water that is said to heal wounds, cure sickness, and even restore lost sight. It is a place that once you’re there, you would never again want to leave.  But that’s only how this image speaks to me…what does it say to you?

beautiful waterfall


One thought on “Fantasy Art Wednesday

  1. Andrea Lundgren says:

    It’s very pretty. But I find it interesting that there’s chopped wood on one side–a kind of provision so someone doesn’t have to leave the place? Or proof of a more human protector-keeper than the wisps? It makes me wonder if there’s a hobbit-type house just around the corner, hidden in the rocks.

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