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This is the End!

Why are endings so darn hard to write? Ever read a great book with an ending that just infuriated you so much you wish you’d never read the book at all? Some endings can leave readers bewildered, or have too many questions unresolved. Others are just plain unsatisfying. All that build up, for THIS? Or always a favorite, the cop out ending. Even an average reader can tell when an author has written him or herself into a corner with no way out, and fixed it with a magic solution that has no believable explanation. Nobody wants to be THAT author–the one who leaves readers hanging, annoyed, rolling their eyes, or even completely pissed off. By contrast, a great ending will have your readers raving about your book to their friends, and make them hungry for your next book. So yeah, there’s a lot of pressure to come up with that perfect end to the story you’ve already poured your heart into.

I’m feeling that pressure right now as I finish up the last couple pages of my WIP. What makes a good ending anyway? Read this week’s edition for a few key points to consider as you approach the end of your story, and for other great information.

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