“Our Battles” by Duri Rolvsson

(The inspiration for this little exercise was a prompt/picture from Allison D. Reid, specifically from her post Fantasy Art Wednesday.)

“Across a stretch of meadow hurried a swordsman. The meadow wasn’t a lush and green place, bursting with bright grasses and curious deer with flicking ears, nor were there happy birds’ songs or the humming of insects hidden deep among a sea of wildflowers. Nearing winter, no animals visited and travelers no longer passed through on horseback or with hooved creatures of any kind for the meadow had lost its tenderness, having been razed repeatedly by dragon fire, and shone like glass. To step on it was akin treading on ice and those unpracticed were apt to slip. More horses lost footing and broke legs there than any other place at any time of year.

“The swordsman, Hein, was no stranger to this place. His steps were sure. He’d come countless times in the company of his good friend to whose aid he currently rushed…

Source: Our Battles


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