Fantasy Art Wednesday

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Wednesday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing!

This week’s artwork has me peering into the shadows for signs of fairies–I can imagine they would hang out in a place like this. But really, what draws me is that arch at the center. Though it is formed from elements in the landscape, it seems purposefully made rather than natural. So why is it there? Is it simply a thing of beauty, or is there something magical about it?

My personal suspicion is that the archway is more than it appears to be…that if I walk through it, I won’t come out into that light filled clearing on the other side, but some other place entirely. The possibilities are limited only by my imagination; that archway could take me absolutely anywhere.  Where will it take you?

"The Blue Forest" by Cassiopeiaart

“The Blue Forest” by Cassiopeiaart





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