Stoking a Hunger: The Scent of a Book

Anyone who has read my book series knows that ancient tomes play an important role. Morganne in particular is fascinated by them and frequently describes their unique and familiar smell. I have to admit, I enjoy the smell of real books too, whether old or new. So when I saw this post it caught my attention, and made me wonder what creates that scent, and why does it captivate us so? Follow the link to find out.

(Reblogged from Kristen Twardowski)

For many of us, the scent of a book represents windows into innumerable worlds. Chemists have tried to translate this experience and have described books as smelling grassy and acidic with hints of vanilla and mustiness.

However, that combination of scents does not simply arise through happenstance.

Traditionally printed books produce those smells as a result of the paper, ink, and glue that compose them…

Source: Stoking a Hunger: The Scent of a Book



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