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Joshua Robertson once again posted a video covering a fun little set of questions for authors. Like I did with the previous one, I will be answering these with no added explanation (but feel free to ask in the comments or via Facebook/Twitter if you want to). Also, if you wish to do a video or post answering these, post a link in the comments and I will check your answers out! (Check David Wiley’s answers on his blog, Literature and Lamp Posts)

Source: Would You Rather… Author Tag

Here are my answers to this week’s Author Tag!

Keep in mind, these all begin with “Would you rather”

1)…have a Male main character or a Female main character? Female.
2)…wake up before dawn every day to write or stay up into the early morning hours to write? Stay up…I’m a night owl. Early mornings are not my friend.
3)…write a book that is torturous to write but which is very popular or write a book that is fun to write but which is only known by a small audience? Fun, definitely. Otherwise the quality suffers.
4)…write a SciFi story or a Fantasy story?  Absolutely fantasy.
5)…use first person or third person? I enjoy both, so it depends on what I’m writing. But usually third is my default.
6)…meet any character of any book/short-story in real life for one day or personally know any author you wish? I’d give anything to meet C.S. Lewis. When I was in grade school we were supposed to write a letter to an author as an assignment, and I was heartbroken to discover that Lewis had died before I was even born. Still nursing that wound a little I guess, even into adulthood.
7)…only be able to write your book in scenes from end to beginning or only be able to write it in scenes that jump around in the timeline randomly?  End to beginning–at least that is linear. Jumping around would make me nuts.
8)…only be able to write dialog if you act out the voices out loud or only be able to write action if you act it out in real life? I’ll take the dialogue option…which means I’d probably write the whole piece with no dialogue at all to get out of the acting part of it. It could be done. 🙂
9)…publish with the most successful publishing house in your genre but have to wait 2 years to see your book in print or self publish with no expense or marketing assistance but see your book in print within 3 months?  I’m surprising myself with this answer, but I think I would rather self-publish.
10)…write a goofy story or write a serious story? Serious story, only because I’m not great at writing humor.
11)…have an authorial “voice” that always sounds like the narrator from Planet Earth or have an authorial “voice” that always sounds like Captain Kirk? Not sure I know the voice from Planet Earth, but I think I’ll take a chance and go with it anyway.  How could anyone take the Captain Kirk voice seriously?
12)…write a story knowing that you will have to kill off the main character eventually or write a story knowing that everyone the main character is close to you will eventually have to kill off? Left with this choice, I’d rather not write the story at all. So I guess I refuse to answer this one. Next!
13)…leave your ending somewhat open and bittersweet or leave your ending on a cliffhanger? A mild cliffhanger that can lead into the next story. I am a series writer after all.
14)…have your cover art designed by Tim Burton or have your cover designed by Stan Lee? Neither would fit my style, but Tm Burton’s stuff can be fun, if a bit twisted. (I still watch Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween.)
15)…write in many different genres or write only in one genre? I’m happy sticking to one genre.
16)…have all of your characters have some physical deformity or have all of your characters have some internal twisted nature?  Physical deformity.
17)…have an orphaned main character with good friends or a main character with a good-sized family and family problems? I’ll take the orphan.
18)…write the sex scene or not write the sex scene? For sure NOT.
19)…write about uncertain dangers and intrigue or write about direct confrontation and violence? Uncertain dangers and intrigue can be far more interesting, and require more skill to write well. Violence is just too common in everything now.
20)…have to answer any question put to you by your fans or have no fans asking you questions? I’d take questions any day over radio silence. Ask away!



4 thoughts on “Would You Rather… Author Tag

    • weavingword says:

      No, that one wasn’t fair. My answer was truthful though…if I had to write that kind of book, I would rather not write it at all. The way I have to get behind the eyes of my characters, I’d be leaning over the rail of a tall bridge somewhere before it was done.

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