Looking for a Christmas Gift Idea?

Get autographed copies of any book in the Wind Rider Chronicles at a discount–a limited number are available for the holidays. Bonus bookmark included! Gift-wrapped upon request.

Individual Books:

Featured Image -- 779          ancient-voices-bc_med          isw-cover-med
$10.99                          $10.99                           $5.99
(Add $4.00 shipping for individual novels, or $2.00 shipping for Into the Shadow Wood)

Get an even bigger discount by buying more than one Book:

Any novel plus Into the Shadow Wood for $15.00 (+$4.00 shipping)

Both novels for $20–add Into the Shadow Wood for just $2.00 (+$4.00 shipping)

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2 thoughts on “Looking for a Christmas Gift Idea?

  1. David Wiley says:

    Reblogged this on Literature and Lamp Posts and commented:
    Okay, not only is this a great deal on some books, but this is an excellent author with some outstanding stories. Spoiler alert: these books will be appearing on my upcoming list of best books I’ve read in 2016. Yes, they are that good and should be owned and read. So just go ahead and click now and buy them!

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