Book Review: ‘Into the Shadow Wood’ by Allison Reid

Thanks to Lee Duigon for writing such a wonderful review of my companion novella to the Wind Rider Chronicles. Lee is an amazing author in his own right, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying his Bell Mountain series (YA Christian Fantasy). For him to read and review my writing is a real honor! (Click the source link at the bottom to read the entire review.)

isw-cover-medThis is Book 3 of the “Wind Rider Chronicles” by Allison Reid, also known here as our esteemed colleague, “Weavingword”–and it’s a corker.

When I reviewed Book 2, Ancient Voices, last winter, I predicted that these books, already quite good, would get better as the series went on–and how about that, I was right.

To get the most out of this book, you ought to read Book 1, Journey to Aviad. That’s because Into the Shadow Wood is sort of a mini-book, a little over 40,000 words long, written to tie up some loose ends left over from Book 1. But this little book is anything but an afterthought.

These are solidly Christian books, suitable for readers 12 and up, based on a fully Trinitarian theology, and increasingly well-written. More than that, they are important books…

Source: Book Review: ‘Into the Shadow Wood’ by Allison Reid



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