Fantasy Art Wednesday

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Wednesday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

With cautious anticipation, the adventurer steps forward. What is he expecting to find in this open tomb? Long forgotten, the structure that once housed it is slowly being reclaimed by nature. Yet something important lies in that chest on the dais before him–at least, that is his fervent hope.

He has endured much, and traveled a very long way to get here. Large birds are the only visible guardians; still he remains alert. Surely he’s not the only one who knows of this place, though perhaps the tomb has already been picked clean by another. Will his hopes be fulfilled once he kneels down and opens the lid? Ā Could it be that easy? Or is there a trap waiting for him. His adventure may have only just begun…

"Into the Tombs" by Fantasy Art Engine

“Into the Tombs” by Fantasy Art Engine


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