Free Book Friday #instaFreebie, #TheProlificReader, #giveaway

Looking for something to read this coming weekend? Check out The Prolific Reader–an instaFreebie page that catalogs over 300 free books, sorting them out by genre. Take a look, and go back often, as new books are always being added.




5 thoughts on “Free Book Friday #instaFreebie, #TheProlificReader, #giveaway

  1. John T. M. Herres says:

    I’ve gotten several books from Instafreebe. The part about it that bugs me is the mandatory signing up for the writer’s newsletters, as most of the works they offer are not in my preferred reading genre. Then, I feel guilty for unsubscribing to them. I admit, I haven’t gotten around to reading any of what I’ve gotten yet; I have a lot to read and barely any time to.


    • weavingword says:

      I have books on there, too. The newsletter signups are an option authors can add. New authors have to start somewhere with their marketing and fan base, especially indies who don’t have the benefit of a publisher to back them. Building a subscriber list is an important step in that process, and often the only way for new authors to do that is give away their book as an incentive. No worries if every book or newsletter is not your cup of tea. Authors expect a certain number of unsubscribes. Just do the writer a favor, and don’t unsubscribe immediately after you get the free book. Let them think you at least gave them a chance to impress you with their content. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • John T. M. Herres says:

        I know. As a “noobie” myself, I am about to enter that realm of existence. Although I don’t have a lot to offer in the way of books to give away, I am led to understand that even with a publisher, one must do a certain amount of the footwork in finding readers. Not something I look forward to. You know, the whole “karma” thing and all.

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      • weavingword says:

        LOL! It’s a love-hate thing for me. I love connecting with other authors and readers as part of the process. I don’t love how much time it takes away from my writing. I’m an introvert, after all. This whole self-marketing thing often takes me well out of my comfort zone.

        Sounds like you’ll be one of us eventually! Taking something you’ve spent years of your life perfecting, and hocking it on instaFreebie to grow readers. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s all part of the fun.

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      • John T. M. Herres says:

        I’m not real sure if the publisher will let me do the Instafreebie thing, and I’m not big on newsletters. I have a signup form for my website that I’m considering taking off. Not many have signed up for it to my knowledge, and I’m not even sure I’ve gotten it set up correctly. I tried to make where it sends notices when I make a new post. I don’t know if it does. To me, it’s a PITA, if ya know what I mean.

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