Fantasy Art Wednesday

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Wednesday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

I love ruins, and I love arches–they are full of mystery, and beauty. You can’t help but wonder where they lead…what was once surrounding them. The old stones tell stories of their own. This image I found particularly beautiful. Someone added a note to it–I have no idea if it was the artist or someone else. It said, “I stand within the portal of my dreams and I must not fear what is to be…it will be even if I wish for it to be different…more to my liking…but I may not know what I really need.” ย 

What if this archway is not simply the remains of an old structure, but a portal of dreams. Step through and dare to seek them, prepared to face whatever lies on the other side. Our dreams, even when achieved, never quite come out the way we expect, do they? There is always some twist, some unanticipated pleasure or consequence we could not foresee. There is as much risk in following them as there is standing still.

Dare to approach this old crumbling archway, though it may be more than it seems. Will you step into it or walk away? What dreams would you carry with you to the other side? Will they lift you beyond your own vision to be something greater? Or will they twist and change into something completely unexpected? Once through, will there be a way to return, or does the dream, in whatever form it takes, become unchangeable reality that you cannot escape?

Old Ruins by Ninjatic


3 thoughts on “Fantasy Art Wednesday

  1. Adam says:

    When I first looked at this image, for a second, I thought the two sides of the arch were figures, raising their arms to hold something up. Now, as I think about it, that interpretation appeals to me. I can just imagine two beings who exist as stone, who can speak to travelers who pass, but never step through themselves because they are the gate.
    I can just imagine them arguing like some old married couple, a hodgepodge of contradiction and consensus.
    In any case, thanks for sharing.

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