Fantasy Art Friday

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Friday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

Cold and beautiful. Arches and spires lift your eyes to the sky; an outdoor cathedral that sends your soul soaring into the heavens. Yet as you press closer in, a quiet inner voice makes you pause. A single figure stands before the massive double doors. Something about his stance makes you wonder if he is a friend or foe. You suddenly notice the antler-like shapes rising up all around you, like defensive spikes protecting a fortress. What would a cathedral need defenses for? Then you finally notice it. High above the door hangs a white skull–at first imperceptible among the intricate designs embellishing the structure. Just what, or who, is being worshiped here, anyway? You know what they say about curiosity…is this just another beautiful structure, or in going forward do you risk having your own skull added to its adornments?

Title and Artist Unknown


5 thoughts on “Fantasy Art Friday

  1. Adam says:

    Nice twist near the end, prompting audiences to question their own preconceptions about what is a safe place.
    The figure seems fitting. Even as this image is beautiful it also carries a starkness to it, a harsh and unbending judgement. I imagine this would be a place of aristocrats or some form of elders, people who have long been removed from the everyday comings and goings of the world. They remain unchanged, convinced of their superiority. Perhaps they might even sleep, feeling that there is no need to watch a world that they have long since left behind. They could commune with each other in their sleep, continuing their endless discussion of ideas and truths so exotic and complex that most would be unable to follow.

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