Fantasy Art Wednesday

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Wednesday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

Warm, golden sunlight spills onto this hidden city. Its location a well-guarded secret, you will not find it on any maps, nor does any road lead to it. Sheltered by the branches and roots of ancient trees, it seems untouched by time and the cares that plague the rest of the world. This is a city of light, of wisdom, of beauty…or so the legends say.

Many have lost themselves seeking it, both in body and mind. Some believe the desire to find it becomes a curse–one created by its inhabitants. Those who persist in their search become obsessed to the point of insanity, leading themselves ever further away. Whether or not anyone has made it to the golden city is a mystery that cannot be solved by anyone beyond its borders. Once there, it is impossible to leave. Only you can decide if that a blessing, or just an extension of the curse.

Concept Art by Snow Skadi


5 thoughts on “Fantasy Art Wednesday

  1. Adam says:

    I really like your word choices here. Light spilling, well guarded secret, sheltered by trees and branches, unplagued.
    And the concept of a place that no road can lead to is a provocative one.

    The image itself is potent, and definitely inspirational, but this time I’m more drawn to the words.
    In some ways I feel like a place like you’re describing defies concrete visual details.
    Perhaps a place that is in part created by the perceptions of those who perceive it. One might see ancient, ornately carved stone structures, while another might see natural hollows and branches of trees.
    Perhaps one person would see a prison, full of wretched creatures, while another would look upon the sanctuary they secretly longed for all their life, the home that could only be found in their heart, until now.

    In any case, thank you for sharing.

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