Fantasy Art Friday

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Friday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

Light streams gently down, illuminating this quiet city carved from spacious caverns. Still, deep, and cold, underground lakes and rivers have become the most convenient thoroughfares to get from place to place. The tumultuous world above seems distant, as though nothing more than a memory, or a myth. How large is this hidden world? Is it one small city, or an entire, vast network of them, all connected by waterways? Who lives here, and how did they come to live here in the first place? Let your imagination find the answers.

indoor waterway

“Canal of Isfahan” by Te Hu

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4 thoughts on “Fantasy Art Friday

  1. Adam says:

    I feel like this is a world of long lived people, those who do not care for disruptions, for the (from their perspective) rapid changes of the seasons, of day and night, and rain or shine, so they live underground, in a world they have made over the centuries, a world that is similar to the world above, but under their control.
    With such long lives, they are ironically very lethargic, preferring to move slowly, patiently. They prefer boats because they can simply drift to their destination, while they themselves read, eat, or simply lean back in contemplation. In all things they are in no hurry.

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