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After everything that Kara has done for Asgard, she thinks they will let her participate in the honorable jobs of the winged Valkyries. She is wrong. Instead, Odin is determined to take Elan away and make her dragon his. Whether he’s a god or not, she isn’t going to let that happen. And of course, Elan can defend herself. But then Elan disappears.

After several searches, Kara grows worried. She hopes that Elan is visiting her mother, not somewhere more sinister.

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Katrina Cope

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKatrina is an author of several Young Adult and Preteen/Middle Grade novels. Each of her released books reaching the top 100 in certain categories on the Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank – a few even as high as number one.

She resides in Queensland Australia. Her three teen/preteen boys and husband of over fifteen years treat her like a princess. Unfortunately though, this princess still has to do domestic chores.

From birth, she has been a very creative person and has spent many years travelling the world and observing many different personalities and cultures. Her favourite personalities have been the strange ones, yet the ones under the radar also hold a place in her heart.

During her last extensive travels, she spent 16 nights in a bomb shelter on a Kibbutz 8 kilometers off the Lebanese border. It was to avoid Katyusha bombs that the resident volunteers decided to name her after (she is still trying to work out why).

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