Fantasy Art Friday

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Friday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

It has been a long, exhausting day of walking through harsh mountain terrain. You’re cold, hungry, your muscles are aching, and the sun is about to set. Suddenly you come upon this place, nestled onto the top of a nearby peak. The windows are lit up with a friendly glow, and there is smoke rising from the chimney. The musk of burning wood that carries on the wind makes you long for warm, dry clothes, and a hot meal. But this is a strange place to live, remote and barren, with no good place to grow food, keep livestock, or even hunt for game. Who lives there, and how do they survive in this harsh climate?

This image made me think of my short story about Delevan, a young man whose village was destroyed by wyverns during the Era of Desolation in my world’s extensive history. Salvaged from the wreckage was an important tome, and Delevan was entrusted to deliver it to a monastery in the mountains for safekeeping. The journey was not a simple one, and he met an unexpected foe on the way… But that is only one possible story. What’s yours?

House in Mountains

(Artist Juan C. Barquet)



3 thoughts on “Fantasy Art Friday

  1. georgianalauragheorghe says:

    It was snow everywhere and Jerry thought that he will never reach the temple that so many wrote about in their books. It was impossible to build something in this rocky area where there was no sign a life. Only the old fence knew the story. Jerry took a closer look and noticed a building on top of the nearby peak. There was smoke coming from the chimney and the windows were lit up. “Who could be living here in this icy realm?” Jerry asked himself. He remembered that there were some people like monks and hermits that were trained to live in harsh conditions. But not this time. He had suspicions ever since he nearly gotten himself mugged in the last place he stopped to spend the night in. Yet hunger and exhaustion win again, leaving him no choice but to go there. He could use a warm meal and some rest.

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