Editing Services

As an independent author, I understand what it is like to have a publishing dream. To put your time, heart, and soul into your writing—not because you expect a huge paycheck at the end of the day, but because there is a story burning within you that just needs to be told. And no one but you can tell it.

The writing process is only part of the journey. Before you’re ready to send your manuscript into the world for others to enjoy, it needs to be refined. Whether you intend to self-publish, look for an agent, or submit to traditional publisher, editing is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your amazing story is taken seriously. No matter how interesting it is, or how passionate you are, a manuscript riddled with errors will turn off prospective publishers and readers alike.

I love being an independent author, and I want to help others achieve their dreams too. That’s why I keep my editing prices reasonable, and offer simple payment plans. I specialize in fiction works, including the following: general, fantasy, science-fiction, Christian, historical, young adult, and children’s. Don’t see your category here? That’s OK, just ask. However, I will not edit horror, erotica, paranormal/occult, or anything with very graphic or explicit scenes.

Ready to take the next step? What kind of edit do you need?

Basic Edit Looks at grammar, punctuation, spelling, structure, inconsistencies, redundancy, formatting, and other technical issues.
Comprehensive Edit Includes a basic edit in addition to looking at style, flow, tone, character development, story development, organization, breaks in logic, and unresolved or underdeveloped plotlines.

For both types of editing, two full reviews and one partial review are included.

The first full review will catch the majority of problems.   Proposed changes will be returned to you for either approval or rejection through the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word.
The second full review will take place after all your changes have been made and the document returned to me. There will be a final check for errors, including any made by the acceptance/rejection process. The piece will be refined further as necessary, particularly if there was any re-writing.
The final partial review will be limited to any sections that needed additional changes or re-writing. You will need to indicate where these changes have been made.

How much will editing cost?

Scope of Work Basic Edit Comprehensive Edit Payment Options
3,500 words and under Flat rate of $20.00 Flat rate of $30.00 Due with file submission.
3,501 – 15,000 words Flat rate of $50.00 Flat rate of $75.00 Half due with file submission, half upon completion of editing.
15,001 words and over $0.004 cents/word

($400 for a typical 100,000 word manuscript.)

$0.006 cents/word

($600 for a typical 100,000 word manuscript.)

20% deposit due with submission.   40% due after the first review is completed. The final 40% is due upon completion of final review.
Still not sure? Do a $20 trial edit (3,500 words or less from your current work). If you decide to submit your full manuscript for editing, the $20 you already paid will simply go toward your total editing costs. All payments will be made through PayPal.

*Save money by doing a thorough self-edit first! That can make the difference between needing just a basic edit and a comprehensive one. See my article for tips on self-editing.

How long will the editing process take?

That depends on which type of edit you select and the condition of your manuscript. Stories that need extensive editing and re-writing will naturally take longer than stories that are relatively clean at the start. I will work with you to set reasonable deadlines and get edits back to you as quickly as possible.

Editing Standard:

The Chicago Manual of Style will be used as the standard for editing services.

Still have questions? Contact me.