Shards of Faith

Wind Rider Chronicles Book 5 (A Companion Book)

Before Morganne and Elowyn were born, Broguean took on the greatest quest of his life…

Broguean the Bard takes a seat at Westfalle tavern, with his lute and a mug of his favorite ale. But when one of his songs starts a tavern brawl, his fortunes take an unexpected turn. He’s forced out into the night, and into the waiting arms of a most unexpected foe—someone who knows his true name and the secret past he’s been running from.

Taken under guard to a nearby monastery, he spends a long, painful night wondering if he’s a guest or a prisoner. But the prior who runs the monastery has a job for him. A job that could either help him redeem his tragic past…or get him killed. Is this the message from Aviad he’s been waiting for, or is the prior only sending him on a dangerous fool’s errand?

*Note from the author: Shards of Faith is the second of what will be a number of exciting companion books for the Wind Rider Chronicles series. This one tells the story of Broguean, an often drunk bard from Ancient Voices and Visions of Light and Shadow, who is definitely more than he appears to be. Readers will be taken into Broguean’s past, on a journey that will eventually intertwine itself with Morganne and Elowyn’s future. It should be read after Visions of Light and Shadow.

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Lee Duigon, Author and Blogger