American Heritage Girls Celebrates 20 Years


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I don’t normally do this, but today I want to bring some attention to a great organization for girls that many people still don’t know about.  American Heritage Girls (AHG) is a Christian based scouting organization that combines fun group and family activities with the teaching of core Christian principles and values.  My youngest daughter just joined this past fall, and she looks forward to every meeting.  She’s making friends, earning badges, doing fun activities, and contributing to charity drives.  Participating is already having a positive impact on her, and she’s only just begun her journey with AHG.

Girls today need wholesome influences and role models wherever they can find them.  I highly recommend AHG for any girl from 5-18 years of age.  Find a troop in your area or even start your own!  Get more info at



“Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country”


American Heritage Girls is the premier national character development organization for young women that embraces Christian values and encourages family involvement.

Inclusion Policy

All girls of any color, creed, race, national origin and socioeconomic status who agree to live according to the standards of the AHG Oath and the AHG Creed are invited to be a member of American Heritage Girls.


Just like the Girl Scouts, AHG relies on fundraising to help keep its programs running. Please consider supporting my daughter’s local troop through their month long fundraiser. (Ends April 7th).  Or donate to the larger organization anytime via their website.

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We are grateful for any support you can give to this wonderful organization and the girls it serves!