Interview with Elaine Cooper

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am sitting dow with Inspiration Historical Romance author Elaine Cooper. Stick around to get to know her and find out about her awesome books.

The Interview

Tell us about yourself?
I’m a history geek who loves the simple life. I do not dream of cruises or visits to the Bahamas, but if you offer me a trip to a historical locale, I’m already packing!! I love both dogs and cats and would have a houseful if that were possible. Instead, my husband and I have one very spoiled chihuahua/terrier mix named Mocha. I live in the city but I prefer the country life. I prefer hot tea to coffee (Twinings English Breakfast!) but also drink coffee for the added caffeine.

What genre do you write? Why?
I write inspirational historical romance because I’m a romantic at heart and I love the history of the American Revolution. I grew up in Massachusetts and was immersed in Colonial American history from childhood.

What is your favorite type of fantasy creature? Why?
I think I find the Elves in The Lord of the Rings trilogy to be the most fascinating, perhaps because of their serenity.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?
Hmmm. I’m not generally weird but, when my sister and brother-in-law got married, the Best Man and I (Maid of Honor) put a live mouse in the glove compartment of their Honeymoon car. THAT caused a stir!!

How does your normal day look like?
Nothing at the moment seems normal because we just relocated from the Midwest to Southern California and my entire schedule has been upended! I’ve re-learned how to drive on insane freeways—still dislike that intensely—and manage to fit in a few work hours on my laptop each day. I’ve found all the low-cost stores nearby and enjoy shopping for bargains. Mostly, I’ve enjoyed babysitting my almost 2-year-old granddaughter and waiting for “the call” that my daughter-in-law is in labor with my grandson!

Tell us an interesting fact about the world your books revolve around.
My books are set in the era of the American Revolution. I think the most surprising discovery from my research for “Scarred Vessels” (to be released in 2020) was the slave trade in the northern colonies, in particular, Rhode Island. I grew up in a neighboring state, yet I’d never heard about that history. I suppose no one wanted to talk about the stories of our ugly past.

Tell us about your latest released book.
“Love’s Kindling” is set in Connecticut in the year 1779. Once again, little-known facts were discovered in my research that surprised me. I’d never heard before that the British attacked three towns along the coastline. New Haven, Fairfield, and Norwalk were either destroyed or damaged. Here is the back-cover copy:
During the American Revolution, Aurinda Whitney lives with her cold and calloused father, an embittered veteran of the previous war. Aurinda’s life changed forever when her father returned for her after that war, taking her away from the only place she’d ever experienced affection. Since her father blamed his daughter for the death of his wife in childbirth, Aurinda is convinced she is unworthy of love.

Zadok Wooding believes he is a failure as he tends the smithy at home while others go to battle against the British. Just when he has an opportunity to become a hero, he is blinded in an accident. Now he fears he will never live up to the Biblical “mighty man of valor” for whom he was named.

When the couple meet, they are both challenged to overcome adversity as well as their inadequacies. Unexpected secrets of their past emerge that can change their lives forever. But can they look past their present circumstances to heal—and find love?

Who is the main character in your book?
Tell us a bit about them. Aurinda Whitney is a young woman convinced that, not only is she unattractive, but no one would ever wish to marry her. Her life has been a lonely saga of separation and suffering. She tolerates living with her emotionally abusive father. Rather than desert him, she feels it her Christian duty to care for him and be a faithful daughter. But in the process, her heart has grown cold. She throws her energies into her weaving business and caring for the farm that she hopes to one day live in. All by herself.

What should we expect from you in the coming months?
Since “Love’s Kindling” is Book 2 in the Dawn of America series, I am currently working on Book 3, “Winter’s Ravage.” I also have “Scarred Vessels” releasing in October of 2020. It’s a novel about the first black regiment of soldiers in the American Continental Army.

What would you like to say to your fans?
I write to please you, but also to please my Lord and Savior, Jesus. While I love to write heady romance, if you’re looking for erotica, you’ve come to the wrong author. I work very hard to assure as much accurate, historical details in my books as I can. And I LOVE to hear from my readers! You can visit my FaceBook author page at

Elaine Cooper

DK4A3243Elaine Marie Cooper has two historical fiction books that recently released: War’s Respite (Prequel novella) and Love’s Kindling. Love’s Kindling is available in both e-book and paperback. They are the first two books in the Dawn of America Series set in Revolutionary War Connecticut. Cooper is the award-winning author of Fields of the Fatherless and Bethany’s Calendar. Her 2016 release (Saratoga Letters) was finalist in Historical Romance in both the Selah Awards and Next Generation Indie Book Awards. She penned the three-book Deer Run Saga and has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies. Scarred Vessels, a novel about black soldiers in the American Revolution, will release in 2020. You can visit her website/ blog at

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Love’s Kindling

LovesKindling_COVERDuring the American Revolution, Aurinda Whitney lives with her cold and calloused father, an embittered veteran of the previous war. Aurinda’s life changed forever when her father returned for her after that war, taking her away from the only place she’d ever experienced affection. Since her father blamed Aurinda for the death of his wife in childbirth, Aurinda is convinced she is unworthy of love.

Zadok Wooding believes he is a failure as he tends the smithy at home while others go to battle against the British. Just when he has an opportunity to become a hero, he is blinded in an accident. Now he fears he will never live up to the Biblical “mighty man of valor” for whom he was named.

When the couple meet, they are both challenged to overcome adversity as well as their inadequacies. Unexpected secrets of their past emerge that can change their lives forever. But can they look past their present circumstances to heal—and find love?

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Interview with Karen DuBose

It’s the first Tuesday of the month. Hard to believe September has already begun. Just think if you blink December will be here, along with a knew year. To help the fall season start off grand I am sitting down with Dark Fantasy author Karen DuBose. Hope you’re ready for a treat.

The Interview

Tell us about yourself?
I’m work 3 jobs. One of them being an author. I love meeting new people. Even if it is on Facebook lol. I have a husband of 15 years. We have 6 fur babies and 6 kids (none together). I live in East Tennessee. No I’m not a Vols fan. Orange doesn’t look good on me lol

What genre do you write? Why?
I write Dark Fantasy and Fantasy. I love creating the world’s I’ve created. Writing in this genre gives me the freedom to create a world that isn’t a part of our own.

Where are you from?
East Tennessee

Do you have any pets?
6 dogs

What is your favorite hobby?
Crafting and reading

Tell us about your latest released book.
Wailing Waters was released in March of this year. It is a stand alone but also apart of a series. A bunch of authors have gotten together to write fairy tale twist. They either live in or comes to a town called Shady Oaks. My book is a dark twist on the little mermaid

Who is your favorite character you have created?
Ah! That’s a hard one. I would say right now Jax from World of Nightmares. Which will be released September 26th.

What do you have in the works right now?
I’m finishing up edits for Tainted Magic (Book 2 in The Light Realm series) I have started two more. I have no titles for yet lol. I can tell you one is a spin off for The Elder Series and the other is another book for the Shady Oaks Series.

What should we expect from you in the coming months?
World of Nightmares. September and Tainted Magic I’m hoping October.

Do you have any special closing statement you would like to share with your fans?
You guys are amazing. I love each of you to death. Thank you for following my craziness. You guys rock.unnamed

Karen DuBose

unnamed (1)What’s Crackin’? My name is Karen DuBose. I write fantasy and dark fantasy romance novels. I have 5 books out currently. Book 6 will be out in September and I’m working on edits for book 7. I have one complete series out. The Elder Series. It’s about shifters, witches, fae, elves, and seers. I have 2 stand alone for a series called the Shady Oaks. Wailing waters that is a dark twist on the little mermaid and World of Nightmares is my dark twist on The Nightmare Before Christmas. That one will be out in September. Tainted Magic is the one I’m doing edits for now. It’s the second book in The Light Realm Series. Untainted Magic is the first book.
When I’m not writing or editing. I work my 2 day jobs. One I’m a postal worker and the other I’m an inventory specialist. They take up a lot of my time, but that’s ok. It let’s me do a lot of book signings. I love meeting old and new fans. They are the reason I write. I take pride in my work. It warms my heart when they are waiting for the next book to come out. Interacting with fans is the highlight of my day.
A lot of people have asked me about my writing style. I really don’t have one. What comes to mind is what I write. I don’t plot or outline. The only thing I really do is make a spread sheet for my characters. I have way too many to remember them by heart. I write their descriptions down who know who and so on. I know what the ending of the book is or close to it. Getting there is the fun part. I let the characters do there thing.
My support group is amazing. My husband Steven, my mom Lois and her husband Charles, my sister Cindy, and of course my fans. They are behind me in my crazy world 100%. The first book I wrote. I was nervous about. What if people hate it, what if they make fun of me? Yes, all authors feel this way. Even with their 30th book published. Every book I publish there is self-doubt. The what ifs. I push through them every time and I’m glad I do. I love to create worlds people can get lost in. Even if it’s only for a little while.
I’ve also been asked what my favorite snack and drink is while I’m writing. White Monsters (Energy Drink) and I don’t really snack. I forget most of the time to eat while I’m writing. The must things I have to have is my monster and music. I’m a happy go lucky woman.

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Untainted Magic

UNTAINTED MAGICSkye’s whole life she has been told she was the one to defeat the dark source. She took pride in getting rid of evil. Until the coven that has been her life tries to use her for their selfish ways.

Turning her back on them felt right at the time. Maybe she made a huge mistake, but she was never letting them use her.

Drik’s life has been nothing but fun and games. Spreading evil as much as he can. He know there is a light witch that is destined to destroy him, but he has come up with a plan to change that destiny.

Will their souls handle what is destined for them or will they destroy each other any way they can?

Wherever her light goes, his darkness will follow.

One path, one destiny, two fated.

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Would You Rather… Author Tag

Joshua Robertson once again posted a video covering a fun little set of questions for authors. Like I did with the previous one, I will be answering these with no added explanation (but feel free to ask in the comments or via Facebook/Twitter if you want to). Also, if you wish to do a video or post answering these, post a link in the comments and I will check your answers out! (Check David Wiley’s answers on his blog, Literature and Lamp Posts)

Source: Would You Rather… Author Tag

Here are my answers to this week’s Author Tag!

Keep in mind, these all begin with “Would you rather”

1)…have a Male main character or a Female main character? Female.
2)…wake up before dawn every day to write or stay up into the early morning hours to write? Stay up…I’m a night owl. Early mornings are not my friend.
3)…write a book that is torturous to write but which is very popular or write a book that is fun to write but which is only known by a small audience? Fun, definitely. Otherwise the quality suffers.
4)…write a SciFi story or a Fantasy story?  Absolutely fantasy.
5)…use first person or third person? I enjoy both, so it depends on what I’m writing. But usually third is my default.
6)…meet any character of any book/short-story in real life for one day or personally know any author you wish? I’d give anything to meet C.S. Lewis. When I was in grade school we were supposed to write a letter to an author as an assignment, and I was heartbroken to discover that Lewis had died before I was even born. Still nursing that wound a little I guess, even into adulthood.
7)…only be able to write your book in scenes from end to beginning or only be able to write it in scenes that jump around in the timeline randomly?  End to beginning–at least that is linear. Jumping around would make me nuts.
8)…only be able to write dialog if you act out the voices out loud or only be able to write action if you act it out in real life? I’ll take the dialogue option…which means I’d probably write the whole piece with no dialogue at all to get out of the acting part of it. It could be done. 🙂
9)…publish with the most successful publishing house in your genre but have to wait 2 years to see your book in print or self publish with no expense or marketing assistance but see your book in print within 3 months?  I’m surprising myself with this answer, but I think I would rather self-publish.
10)…write a goofy story or write a serious story? Serious story, only because I’m not great at writing humor.
11)…have an authorial “voice” that always sounds like the narrator from Planet Earth or have an authorial “voice” that always sounds like Captain Kirk? Not sure I know the voice from Planet Earth, but I think I’ll take a chance and go with it anyway.  How could anyone take the Captain Kirk voice seriously?
12)…write a story knowing that you will have to kill off the main character eventually or write a story knowing that everyone the main character is close to you will eventually have to kill off? Left with this choice, I’d rather not write the story at all. So I guess I refuse to answer this one. Next!
13)…leave your ending somewhat open and bittersweet or leave your ending on a cliffhanger? A mild cliffhanger that can lead into the next story. I am a series writer after all.
14)…have your cover art designed by Tim Burton or have your cover designed by Stan Lee? Neither would fit my style, but Tm Burton’s stuff can be fun, if a bit twisted. (I still watch Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween.)
15)…write in many different genres or write only in one genre? I’m happy sticking to one genre.
16)…have all of your characters have some physical deformity or have all of your characters have some internal twisted nature?  Physical deformity.
17)…have an orphaned main character with good friends or a main character with a good-sized family and family problems? I’ll take the orphan.
18)…write the sex scene or not write the sex scene? For sure NOT.
19)…write about uncertain dangers and intrigue or write about direct confrontation and violence? Uncertain dangers and intrigue can be far more interesting, and require more skill to write well. Violence is just too common in everything now.
20)…have to answer any question put to you by your fans or have no fans asking you questions? I’d take questions any day over radio silence. Ask away!


Featured Author: EJ McCay

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Seeing is believing, but what if you can see things no one else can?

Sixteen year old MacKenzie Bryan has your typical problems. You know, parents, boys, angels with special deliveries, homework, demons delivering cryptic messages, and…hold on, wait. Doesn’t every teenager have to balance doing their homework while fighting the rising dark forces in a new town while still making it home before curfew? If the demons don’t kill, her father will.

You probably think this is just another book about some teenager, but what if it’s not? What if there are things that you don’t see? What if you are supposed to be more?

What if you are ……CALLED?

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Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal Winner for Science Fiction book of 2015

Stealing tea cups and saucers from the Titanic wreck site is not an easy task. Doing it without getting your feet wet is even harder. Dexter Knight and his two mismatched partners have managed to do it, but are finding it difficult to turn their acquisitions into cold hard cash. When one such sale goes horribly awry, they wind up hijacked, along with their technology. Unsure if he’s now working for a government agency or a criminal conspiracy, Dexter finds his team dragged out to the oceans deepest spot, the Marianas Trench. There, beneath seven miles of sea water, lies an unknown object far more intriguing than fine china. While Dexter would prefer to get back to civilization and dry land, he finds himself pondering a more ominous question. If he leaves without solving the mystery beneath the waves, will there be any civilization to go back to?


Featured Author: Braxton A. Cosby

Braxton Cosby is the author of Protostar (The Star-Crossed Saga), and Gold Medal Winner of Reader’s Favorite for Sci-fi Young Adult. Listen to his live interview on By the Fireplace.

Protostar coverWhat Would You Choose: Love or Duty?
As the Torrian Alliance continues its age-old mission of hunting down Star-children, King Gregorio Derry reluctantly agrees to send his only son, William, to planet Earth on a mission to bring honor back to the Royal Family name. The target: Sydney, a young teenage girl, unaware of her alien heritage. When an unforeseen accident delays the assassination, William begins to realize a connection forming with Sydney and struggles to follow through with his orders. With the fear of Civil War imminent back home, William must make the ultimate choice between his irrevocable duty and love, sacrificing everything he believes. But as a hidden menace emerges to secure a vested interest, and impossible odds begin to mount against them, William and Sydney wonder if a connection between two Star-Crossed lovers is enough to save them from destruction.

Indie Author Spotlight: Allison D. Reid

Today’s Sneak Peek Friday is a little different, giving  you a glimpse into the mind of the author behind the writing.  Hope you enjoy this very thoughtful interview conducted by fellow author and blogger David Wiley.

Author David Wiley

It is time for the May author of the month, and this is one I am excited to share with you. If you haven’t done so, you can read my review of Allison’s first book, Journey to Aviad, which is free on Kindle and Nook devices. Also, don’t forget that you can get a digital copy of King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology for free for a limited time by signing up for my newsletter (plus some other great books and prizes for signing up to other newsletters!)

Welcome! Please tell us your name and a little bit about yourself.

My name is Allison D. Reid—home business owner by day, editor and Christian Fantasy author by night. To be honest, nothing makes me draw a blank faster than asking me this question.  One of the hazards of being an introvert, I guess.  I’d rather talk about anything but…

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