640+ Killer Ways to Promote Your Book… by Belinda Griffin

Christmas is almost here, and then…the new year! Can you believe it? What happened to 2017 anyway? If you’re an indie author, you’re probably already thinking ahead to your publishing and marketing goals for the next year. Belinda Griffin of Smart Authors Lab has put together a list of the best resources to help you achieve those goals.

Looking for book marketing ideas?

When planning this post I really wanted to put together an epic list of book marketing and promotion ideas for indie authors and their self-published books, but there are already so many excellent tips out there.

I thought, what would be more useful for you, another list of book marketing tips that repeat what others have already said, or an ultimate guide that directs you to some of the most helpful content the internet already has to offer?

I decided to go with the second option, and I’m sure you’ll agree there are some truly valuable book marketing ideas out there when you know where to look. I’ve done the searching so you don’t have to and these are all fantastic book promotion tips from experts who really know their stuff.

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How Book Selling Really Works – Updated for 2016 | BooksGoSocial Book Marketing Blog

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If you’re a new author, traditionally or independently published, one of the problems that you face is that you may not understand how book selling really works.

The publishing world in 2016 is similar to a Mad Hatter’s tea party. Nobody is sure what’s happening or how it will end.

Consider these facts:

#1 Writers who are dedicated to selling their books, sell more books. This is not a game for the faint hearted. Stephen King sold books from his car to bookshops when he was getting started. The 2016 equivalent is being on social media and producing interesting, shareable blog posts at least once a week, about your book, your themes, your characters, your locations, anything connected with the book, which will inspire a desire in people to read it.

#2 There are readers out there for your book. You just have to find them…

Source: How Book Selling Really Works – Updated for 2016 | BooksGoSocial Book Marketing Blog