Counting Down to FantasyCon! *correction*

If you didn’t read last week’s Fantasy Fix, you might not have heard the news–Renee Scattergood and I will both have booths during this online 8 day Facebook event celebrating Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror!

*You will be able to access my booth for this event starting tomorrow (October 9th) by going to the Epic Fantasy page of the event:

So please stop by to visit. I’ll be throwing out some trivia questions, offering e-book giveaways, sharing interesting tidbits about the Middle Ages (for all of my Medieval Monday fans), and of course, all of my book characters will be there for those who want to ask them questions. (Here’s your chance!)

Below is the FantasyCon schedule for the week. Be sure to check out all of the amazing authors, artists, bloggers, and more who will be making themselves available. This is my first time going, and I’m really excited to explore all there is to offer. It should be a fun week!

Sun 10/9 -Epic/Sword & Sorcery
Mon 10/10 -Sci-Fi/Time Travel
Tues 10/11 -Faiytale/Punk
Wed 10/12 -Paranormal/ Urban
Thurs 10/13 -Series/Short Stories
Fri 10/14 -Dystopian/ Apocolyptic
Sat 10/15 -Dark/Grim Dark/Horror
Sun 10/16 -Children/YA Fantasy