Dragon Lore…Real or Imagined?

This is the first of many Medieval Monday posts yet to come. The Middle Ages is one of the inspirations behind my Wind Rider book series, so every Monday I will be sharing related fun facts, writings, and other musings on my author Facebook page and Weaving Word blog.

The Weaving Word

Dragon2Dragons have lit the fire of our imaginations for thousands of years.  Incredibly powerful, magical, hoarders of treasure; destructive and nearly invincible foes of mankind.  They have been revered, hated, romanticized, and demonized by cultures all over the world.  You won’t find them flying over cities or burning villages to the ground in history books, but the belief in dragons as more than just fantasy has been persistent through time.  Personal accounts, legends, and folklore attest to their existence, allowing for just enough doubt to make us wonder…could they have been true?  And what if dragons really were once real? The question is a source of inspiration for many of us.

The medieval mind was no less captivated.   Everyday life was fraught with danger, mystery, and superstition.  Some speculate that the discovery of bones from dinosaurs or other large creatures may have fueled the belief in dragons. The bible itself…

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