Friday Featured Author: Elle Bee

Experience God’s love through the EYES of a child!

Elle Bee’s very first published work is FREE on Amazon! Based on true events, this children’s short story promotes discussion about Christian persecution. Grab your download here:

Safe: Cara and Hao’s Tale

elle-beeCara was picking flowers when the fire men came. Hao was fiddling with sticks. In the blink of an eye, their home was destroyed and their lives turned upside down. Their brother was arrested and their father was beaten within an inch of his life. Neither of them knew that being a Christian had such a cost. Words like “refugee” and “persecution” became part of, not only their vocabulary, but also their everyday life.

Soon, all their family had to cling to was the reason everything was taken away: Jesus. Thankfully, they placed their eggs in the best basket and the miracles they begin to witness…we can’t even imagine.

Join Cara and Hao on their miraculous journey as they flee to a new world, seeking to avoid the perils of religious persecution.

About the Author:

elle-bee-author-photoWorld traveler and follower of Jesus Christ, Elle Bee has taken hard truths of this world and Christianity and turned them into stories for families to read and discuss together. Her SAFE series focuses on true stories of Christians faced with persecution for their faith. Whereas, her Missions with Miss Bee series takes a fictional, normal, child and introduces him to Christianity in a way never seen before.

Elle Bee is currently completing her mini series, the Charlie 2015 Holiday Series, as well as putting together a new series for adults to enjoy.

Great New Review!

Positive reviews are wonderful, especially when they are completely unexpected! I’m reblogging this wonderful post from Elle Bee’s fiction blog. Be sure to check out her other book reviews as well. It’s not too late to add something new to your summer reading list!

Review: Journey to Aviad by Allison D. Reid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quote-tastic & Immersifying!

51J6aQb160L__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_In a fantasy world where nothing is as it seems, a child is caught in the battle between good and evil, Heaven and Hell. When I began reading, I was immediately pulled in. The elegant writing sang to my soul. The Biblical references intrigued me. I began highlighting and highlighting. I highlighted, “Aviad [the God figure] always takes care of his own. When He calls you, He does so with good purpose, and He will remain with you to whatever end.” A few pages later I highlighted, “true spiritual freedom involves courage, strength of character, and even sometimes sacrifice.”

As I learned about each character, I desired to know more about them. I felt like their history existed just beyond my reach and, surely, if I just continued reading, all would be revealed. As different situations were presented, I went from being enraptured by elegant writing to amused by humorous writing to nervous about a scene conclusion…

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