Author Spotlight with International Bestselling Author: Stephanie Ayers

StephStephanie Ayers is an international bestselling author who writes speculative fiction, where horror and fantasy collide. A self-proclaimed word whisperer, she is a unicorn disguised as a human living in southwestern Ohio and a member of the Ohio Writers Association. She mothers her children and avoids all things housework and zombies. When she isn’t doing any of these things, she can be found browsing thrift stores and flea markets with her husband, attending football games with her son, or binging on TV shows.
Her debut novella, Til Death Do Us Part, was published in 2013, and her work appears in several anthologies and collections, notably Absolution, Flash Fiction Addiction, and the upcoming Bending Time. She currently has two serials to her name, the stand-alone horror volumes of The 13 series and her new high fantasy, the Destiny Defined series, which debuted March 7, 2019.
Her favorite quote is:

“The blank page is a canvas on which the writer paints a story.”

~Stephanie Ayers

Connect with Stephanie:

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10 Things About Stephanie

  1. I collect coffee mugs, especially ones with unicorns and fairies on them.
  2. I am almost completely deaf and require the use of hearing aids.
  3. I wrote my first story in 4th grade.
  4. I was once married to a Native American, a skinhead, and a cowboy all at the same time.
  5. My vivid imagination gets me in trouble often.
  6. I love all things New Orleans and Louisiana: Saints, LSU, Popeye’s, Mardi Gras…
  7. I wanted to be an Olympic downhill skier when I was a teenager.
  8. I own more books than I could possibly read in 3 lifetimes
  9. I am terrified of zombies, heights, roaches, and maggots, but my greatest fear is watching my children die violently.
  10. Whenever my friends see a unicorn they think of me. In fact, they say I am the only person they know who can turn a unicorn into something dark and twisted.

Stephanie’s Fantasy Books

Elven Games

Catching Dragons ebook cover