A Fantasy Tip from History: Travelling Books

Today I’m sharing a fascinating post from Nicholas C. Rossis’ blog. It is especially interesting to me since traveling tomes play a significant role in my own book series. Enjoy!

book-boxMy Kindle has a couple of thousand books in it. Yes, thousand. Its size? Smaller than most of my books and small enough to fit my jacket’s inside pocket. Nowadays, we barely spare a thought for the amazing fact that we can carry with us more books than an entire library contained mere decades ago.

And yet, books needed to travel in the past, too. In fact, whether in their owner’s backpack, on wagons or in boats, medieval books were keen travelers. Longer works carried ideas across Europe, disseminating the sciences, spreading romances and passing on historical narratives. Short texts were committed to memory, by troubadours for example, but longer texts had to travel in the form of ink and parchment or paper. So, how did these treasures survive a long and arduous trip?…

Source: A Fantasy Tip from History: Travelling Books