Fantasy Art Wednesday

OK, I GIVE UP!!! Trying to schedule this ahead (like I do every week) and WordPress is having some kind of meltdown. It refuses to schedule my post, and is just publishing it. So, I guess that means it is Wednesday–enjoy my post a day early. 🙂

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Wednesday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing!

Beautiful and solemn, this image draws my gaze upward and makes me feel like I’m in an elven cathedral. I can almost hear the gentle lapping of the water and the sound of the oar being pulled slowly through it. There are a variety of songbirds calling from tree to tree, but otherwise, this is a quiet place. Who is the hooded figure? As the boat approaches the arched entrance, what is waiting on the other side? Are those buildings, or markers? Monuments or grave stones? Light is shining through the canopy onto what looks like a young tree or maybe something more mysterious. At this distance it is hard to tell, but whatever it is, it seems significant.

Could you travel to this place, if only you knew the way? Or is it in another realm…one that only exists beyond life as we know it? Let your eyes explore the intricate swirls of the gateway, and take in the soft, peaceful glow, as your mind explores the many possibilities.

elven cathedral (my title)
Industrial Forest by Remy Hoff


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