Fantasy Art Friday

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Friday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

Cold, harsh, and dangerous; this town sprang up right against the mountainside. No warning could drown out the siren’s lure of quick riches. Some have already found it…enough wealth to live like kings for generations. They are the cause of envy and inspiration, fueling the drive to keep looking, no matter how poverty-stricken, how desperate, how sickly. That melodious lure pushes men beyond reason, sometimes beyond sanity. Even broken bodies are not enough to scare away these determined seekers who dance each day on the edge of death. Somehow even those who find what they came for just keep looking for more, never quite satisfied enough to pack up and leave.

Those in the outside world call it a sickness and shake their heads. Few dare to settle in this place where strength, power, and cunning make the law, and wisdom means knowing how to watch your own back. There are no friendships here, only alliances which can be broken as quickly as they are formed. Those who dare to live in this little town don’t see the sickness, and any suffering is a small but necessary price they are more than willing to pay. As the sun rises each morning, they gaze upon the mountain’s glory and pray. Surely this will be the day they finally become like kings, and all their desires will be fulfilled. But it could also be the day the mountain decides to reclaim its treasures, crashing down its fists of snow and stone to bury them all.

“Mining Town” by Thom Tenery


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